A Night Of Enchanment

Upperclassman had the pleasure in enjoying “A Night of Enchantment” at this year’s prom. The special night was held at Dee’s Bistro and Grill, and was a filled with memories for all. This year’s prom queen was senior Lizette Salgado and prom king was Gus Ochoa-Amaya. Special thank you to the Junior-Senior Board for taking the time to create this enchanting a night.DSC_0133



Odyssey Of The Mind

Odyssey of the mind is a creative problem solving competition available for students in kindergarten through college. A total of twenty seven countries participated in the competition. Team’s take on a problem, working together to create a solution under a budget. Competition, also includes a team Spontaneous problem, which can be either a verbal, or a hands on problem.
Team one took on “Something Fishy”, to show three different styles of fishing, while having to meet certain criteria. Team 2 solved the problem of “Aesop Gone Viral”, taking a classic moral, and giving it a twist. Team 3 had a problem called “Furs, Fins, Feathers & Friends” which showed they must show the perspective of three different animals. Team three also placed 3rd in their problem and division.
This year, New Tech is sending all 3 teams to State competition in Houston, Texas. Teams left on the 15th, and returned on the 18th. Competition was held on the 16th at a local high school. This was the third year for New Tech to be entered in this event.


Hays Reading Competition


New Tech Senior, Jaden Perez, reading to Hays students

    On Friday, April 29, New Tech will be hosting a reading competition for K-2 learners from Hays Magnet Academy in the cafeteria. The competition, which will see 66 eager, young participants competing in 11 different teams, will be facilitated by three New Tech Seniors, Jaden Perez, Shane (Austin) Allen, and Paul Ramirez, as well as Hays’ Academic Librarian, Ms. Janie Steele. The children will answer questions based on a set of 20 books that they have been reading for the past several weeks, books that were given to them courtesy of the ECISD School Board. The competition will be live-broadcasted on Skype, for all their pe

New Tech Senior, Paul Ramirez, and Hays Librarian, Ms. Steele, facilitating a class

ers, teachers, and parents to see, and will run from 1:30 until 3:00 p.m. This competition aims to promote and emphasize the importance, and enjoyment, that can be found in reading books. Ms. Steele has had a grant approved by the District to host and run the competition annually for Hays and hopes to continue the tradition of conveying the joys of reading to the youth of the Permian Basin.   

New Tech Seniors discussing Competition details with Hays librarian, Ms. Steele.


The Panama Papers

A huge information leak, in fact, the single, biggest data leak in recorded history, amounting in over 2.6 terabytes of data (that’s 11.5 million pages of documents), has shed a glaring, blinding light on some of the shadier practices and goings-on that our internationally-connected economies have inherited. These documents, which were leaked by Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper, and leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca (hence their common moniker, the “Panama Papers”) exposed several high-profile individuals from all over the world, from celebrities to politicians, and their practice of evading taxes and harboring their money in off-shore havens, a practice that many may consider unethical.

Many of the individuals implicated in this scandal are important, foreign politicians or their close relatives. A list of some of the individuals listed as clients for the offshore firm includes, but is not limited to: the now former prime minister of Iceland, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson (he resigned shortly after the documents were made public), the father of British Prime Minister David Cameron, cousins of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and hundreds of other politicians and celebrity clients of Mossack Fenesca.

According to the Guardian, which became part of a coalition along with BBC and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to allow the public access to information found in the uncovered documents, there is a trail of 2 billion dollars that leads all the way to Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and a close friend of his, a famous, Russian cellist by the name of Sergei Roldugin, have been sheltering not only the money of Russian corporations but also the taxes paid by Russian citizens, in these offshore havens. This was reportedly done so that close friends and family of Putin would be able to utilize these funds for purely personally reasons, and in ways that would not at all benefit the Russian people.


The ICIJ, who has taken the helm in the effort to reveal all the important and most pressing information that the Papers have to offer, are still in the midst of digging through all the leaked documents to see if there are any other high-profile clients doing more dastardly things with their money.

However, it should be noted that most of the money sheltering that these individuals are indulging in are completely legal, as there are legitimate reasons to house your money in a foreign country. If that is the case, why should we care? Well, most of these clients that are implicated in the documents are individuals who are in charge of other people’s money, and the fact they are purposefully avoiding taxes by hiding money (some of which might actually be the people’s money) can certainly be seen as a matter of public concern.

If politicians from the U.S. were found to be putting all their money (and maybe the people’s) in a place where the government can’t touch it, wouldn’t you be concerned?

NTO Learner Collects Stuffed Animals for Non-Profit


story15Do you have Teddy bears laying around your house maybe under your bed or even in the storage room? NTO learner, Michelle Ashbaugh is collecting stuffed animals for Odessa’s sheriff department for a great cause. The Animals are given to children that are taken away from different dangerous situations. Her goal is to collect 350 animals.  Please Stop by your advisory class and drop them off in the box outside each door, the class that collects the most will be the first in line in Culture Day for the treats Complex Community Credit Union will be providing  next Wednesday.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Comes to Midland



Remember back in elementary when you’d get so excited when you got to watch Bill Nye? How everyone would chant “BILL BILL BILL!” and sing along with the theme song? Well our very great friend Bill, came to Midland College! He participated in an event to give a public lecture as a part of the college’s distinguished lecture series. Bill spoke about science, climate change, and space exploration. The best thing is that this event was free and the public was welcome to make an appearance at the lecture in the AL. G. Langford Chaparral Center. The event took place Thursday, March 17th at 7:30pm. Hope you attended and enjoyed this event.

Senior Update

Congrats to all the hard-working seniors here at New Tech! So far we have collected over 1 million dollars worth of scholarship money, along with getting accepted to 110 universities, all with 2 more months of school left. This year’s senior class is made up of 70 bright learners. We can expect much more to come, great work seniors, and keep it up!




We all know Martin Luther King Jr. as the man who fought for the rights of blacks and we also know him as the man who spoke ‘’I have a dream’’ proudly. To celebrate MLK and Black History Month, Junior Facilitaor Ms. Rodriguez decided to have each one of her classes create a speech in his style of rhetoric. After the speeches have been written the students will be asked to create a video and present it in the same persuasive style.

Before the project become officially over, I decided to go to the classes of two outstanding students who had a lot to say about this project. ‘’I honestly think this project has made me a better person.’’ Said Nehal Kamel ‘’Martin Luther King was a man of great things with great dreams, why not follow in his footsteps.’’ Megan Siepak strongly agreed with Nehal, but added. “I often sit and think of the Black American culture and all they’ve been through, it breaks my heart to think of a group being segregated because the color of their skin.’’ Megan seemed to become emotional so I cut the interview short with her last comment. ‘’ I’m just thankful for a man like Dr.King.’’

Key to the Past

Mr. Patton’s English 2 class just finished up a riveting project all about the tragic events of 9/11. After reading the book ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’, the class was assigned the task of interviewing a facilitator at New Tech. Afterwards, the class used the interview and the book to create a statement piece for their final project. When asked about how they felt about the project, many students stated they enjoyed the project. The students especially love how much creative freedom on the final product the students were giving, allowing them to express the pain from 9/11. Even though many of the students were young during the event, they feel it is important to remember the events. “It is important to remember the pain we went through, but also how much stronger we came out for it.” One student commented on the importance of remembering the events.

Students present for Mr. Patton
Students present for Mr. Patton